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Monday, July 31, 2006

Eureka! We finally found Eureka Resort... Im so gonna strangle you Arlan.

I just said yes to Arlan about picking him up because of my spontaneity, if I only knew that it's so hard to find that resort I should have said no. But since there's nothing to do and there's no plan for that afternoon I just said yes. I'm lucky Toffee accompanied me to pick up Arlan yesterday if he was not there I could have lost my temper and strangled Arlan. Hahaha..

But fefore fetching him we dropped by at the "isaw" stand for some quick bite and for some directions on where we can find the Eureka resort where Arlan is.

Fuck, it took us almost an hour to find the resort and that's with asking directions. We end up going to and fro both ends of the street for nth time. Asking questions did help but not the messages of Arlan (he's so not helping). Geez, we passed in the middle of a basketball court, not one but two basketball courts - Talk about  maximizing barangay space. The road is right in the middle of one of them. And the humps there was not easily discernible cause they're not painted. It was like Barangay Bucana in Nasugbu. Really. Because of the the sea air and the houses.


But all in all the trip was fun. It was thrilling cause we never knew where we gonna end up. And after each dead-ends, we just laugh at ourselves being lost. And I have never been to the outskirts of Balayan before. It was a first time experience. But even though I'm still thinking of strangling Arlan... or not.



Laugh Last night I finally have the time to catch up with some of my high school buddies. It's rare for us to meet up nowadays cause everyone has a job and other sorts of responsibilities. So when we have time we usually meet at a friend's place for some beers and catching up.

I hope we can do that get-together once a month, especially those who are based locally. :)

Sayang ala ako kagabi camera. :(
Sana me memento ako ng naka boxer lang si _ _ _ _ _. Hahahaha!


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