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Friday, July 28, 2006

Empty Trash

I was absent the whole day yesterday. Instead of working I spent my morning strolling with a former crush who suddenly messaged me and appeared on my door and swept me off my feet. I spent the afternoon dozing. ZzZzZ. XD

What a bum I am yesterday. Hahaha. At least I know.

That evening I have the couraged to empty my PDA's SMS Trash bin. I was not going to delete it but it was occupying a large chunk of memory. The number of my SMS on trash is a whooping 15069! The oldest text message I received was dated August 25, 2004. At exactly 6:25 pm yesterday I tap the "YES" to confirm if I want to empty the trash bin. And there goes my conversations, messages that brings back memories of particular dates...

I find 16j4gnn 

in reading them.

Well past is past! Gonna say hello to new messages - new memories. :D

And at least I have freed enough space to save my new pixs on my PDA.

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