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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Yesterday I was supposed to go with my parents to Laguna for some R&R but i didn't.  I just have an hour of sleep when they messaged me to get ready but I'm too sleepy to do so.  So off I went to slumberland again. Actually I had my things ready the night before so if If I made up my mind to go ill be ready in a jiffy. But my laziness have overcome my sense of travel and adventure.

I've woken up with a text from a friend overseas. And I can't get back to sleep so I just moved my lazy butt downstairs to watch the boobtube. Then after a few hours I received a message from friends inviting me for the usual weekend stroll.

I was mistaken when I thought we were going to Balayan or some far-flung place this time and not around and round the town and the usual route. I was wishing that it would rain that time so it'll be fun but it didn't.
It was boring.

It was boring all day. Really. Nothing to do much. If it just have rained while we where driving it will be such fun going around the town. Then after dinner it started to rain, darn. So we're stuck on a friend's place and decided to watch movies instead. Luckily I haven't watched the movie so I enjoyed a li'l bit. But I dozed off somewhere in the middle of the second movie. And to top the night off, the rain I was hoping for fell like it will not stop while I am on my way home and there's no place to take shelter from the rain.  I was soaking wet when I reached home.

Sheesh. If I just went with my parents to Laguna my weekend will not be such a waste.

But then again will I have fun in the company outing? Maybe if there will be some hot guy around. But how can I flirt with my parents around. HAHAHA.

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