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Sunday, July 30, 2006

6B - "BASTED", Braid, Brownout and Balayan's Isaw & Boys, Beer & Bar


Yey! I've straightened things up. It felt great. He's such a true friend. :)

I don't know who started calling me as "basted" but it's okay cause it lightened up the atmosphere between us. And he didn't take it seriously too. Whenever we hear the word we just laugh and joke around. He's such a nice guy.



I'd like to thank Gina for braiding my hair. It was chic. But It was painful. Imagine your hair being pulled from the scalp, that's how it feels. Haiz talk about vanity. I just agreed to braid my hair to pass time. If I knew it was this painful I have said no from the start.  You cannot contort your face muscles that freely cause some actions can really bring pain. Even laughing can cause you pain. But In the name of  being hip, I'm gonna do it again. Talk about vanity! I have a picture of my braided hair below.



I've been absent for two and half days already. I didn't go to work (again!) yesterday because there was a power outtage and the library will be like a sauna because of the plastics that traps the heat. Even the large industrial fan is no match for the heat inside and it also adds heat because of the warm air it blows. It's like purgatory there, really. You should try it to believe. Hahaha.



Early afternoon we decided to go for a stroll to Balayan to eat "isaw" and to past time while there was no power. The "isaw" there is the best! Instead of brushing the isaw with the usual marinade they brushed it with oil and grill it. That gives the "isaw" it crispiness. Then you gonna dip it to the brown pepper sauce that gives the Balayan "isaw" the big difference from other "isaw". Also the sauce gives the "isaw" the kick in its taste. It was soooo fucking tasty that we don't mind driving half an hour just to eat "isaw." I'm talking about food again. What can I say, I LOVE Food!



3_musketeers_2 Incidentally that afternoon 2p, Aris & Arlan were all there. The rest of Gaybigans teased me the whole trip. And to add more spice, 2p dared me to invite Uly for a night out in Nasugbu. What can I say, im a sucker for dare. As soon as we stopped at Uly's house they teased me even more. And I jokingly told them that my nose gonna bleed if Uly will join the group. Fortunately my hunch was correct that Uly won't join. (Honestly I crossed my fingers that time, I want him to join us. I want to ask him questions.) I don't know what I did wrong to him to treat me as he doesn't knew me or we haven't been pals.


The pictures here are me with the three guys. They are a little blurred because it was taken by a mobile phone camera. I just want to thank them for being game.


BEER & Bar

The power outtage lasted for over 14 hours. The power supposed to be back at 5 pm. But the power returned past 11 pm while we were in the middle of daily drinking session. A case of beer was my treat that night but I want to reschedule it because someone important can't make it that night because of his responsibility. But they have decided that it shall push through. I just thought it's okay so I can fix the mess I made the other night which turned out pretty well. As usual, we ended at the local bar again for more beer and party. :)


Got to go. Gonna fetch Arlan. :)

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